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by Chuck Dauphin

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Over the years, there has been many books written about making it in Music City. However, few have ever put together a volume as detailed – or as entertaining as Eric Normand. An accomplished instrumentalist, he has lived several of these lessons himself.

Normand lays it all out in a way that is very easy to understand. But, he also goes into intimate detail concerning all aspects of the music business – from singing and writing, of course, to bus driving, booking, and even handling merchandise – as it all goes together.

Though it does start with a song, you’ve got to have the publisher, the producer, and the record promoter. Then, there’s the toll that a “Showman’s Life” places on that of a family. It’s not easy on a couple, with one gone so much and one at home.

Along the way, he talks with acts such as Colt Ford and Rhett Akins, engineer Bob Bulloch, and Universal promotion superstar E.J. Bernas. Though you might not believe it, there’s a lot more that figures into success than how you sound or fill those Wranglers, and Normand can help you to avoid any mistakes or pitfalls along the way. Great reading!

For more on Eric, or to purchase the book, log on to www.EricNormand.com!


"No Fences"

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The Nashville Musician's Survival Guide is available as a soft cover book and in ebook and Kindle versions. Also available at our on-line store is Eric's latest CD "Songs Without Words".

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