The Nashville Musician's Survival Guide
The Nashville Musician's Survival Guide


“Hey Eric! I am a bassist from New England who just spent 4 years studying in Boston and giggin! I pack my uHaul & make the move to Nash next week. Looking to find work as a hired gun and dive into the Music Biz of 615 - Sound familiar!?! haha Your book has been an incredible read. It came at the perfect time. Thank you for your guidance and knowledge man! Hope to see you around town!”

Colin Healy

“Just wanted to let you know that I had bought your book and read it through in 2 days…It’s a great read and, what comes through to me is how open you are in writing this book…and, your sincerity comes through also…you can fool people for only a certain period of time but not for 380 pages and not for 9 years since you moved down to Nashville.  It looks like you’ve made a good mark in Nashville and are having success…and, for $20+shipping…I seem to know a lot of the nuts and bolts folks need to make it there.”

Peace – John

“Just wanted to say I finished the book and love it! You did a great job. I found the interview section to be the most helpful but all of the book was great. I've been in town for just over a week now and it has been great already. I went to the jam at the Steel on Tuesday and got to play. Met some great players through that alone. Just following your advice and it's working already!”

Kevin McElroy

“My friend Tim Teague loaned me this book and I must say it is the most thorough informative resource I've ever found for those living in or considering a move to Music City. Eric has obviously put countless hours into his research. It's great to see someone so devoted to helping others who wish to pursue a career in Nashville. The book doesn't guarantee you success but I can't imagine anyone not being 100% more prepared after reading it. I only wish I'd had something like this to study before I moved to town. It would have made a huge difference. I'm not sure if Tim is getting his book back...........On behalf of musicians everywhere "Thanks Eric".”

Joe Lee

“Such a wonderful tool for those coming up in the business - a great read for anyone at any level!”

Brittany Allyn

~ Artist, Vocalist, Songwriter

"When it comes to making one's way through the maze that is Nashville, Mr. Normand's book will surely help. A valuable tool for those looking to succeed at any level in Nashville's music industry. This book contains powerful information that many learn the hard way."

Rich Redmond

~ Drummer, Producer, Speaker, Author

"If you are making or want to make money in the music industry of Nashville, "The Nashville Musician's Survival Guide" should be your next purchase. Eric Normand's beautiful and comprehensive book contains invaluable insider information and practical advice from pros actually making a living in the industry now. A terrific read for anyone interested in peeking into the unique world of music Nashville. Even the pictures rock!"

Judy Rodman

~ Vocal Coach, Producer, Hit Songwriter

"Awesome! Required reading for any musician moving to Nashville, especially as a hired gun. Hundreds of hours of priceless advice condensed into one thorough and brilliant book - an incredibly helpful masterpiece. Makes me want to move there now!"

Derek Sivers

~ founder of CD Baby

“A must-read if you are making a living from music, have dreams of making a living from music, or just want to expand your knowledge of the business. From local cover band gigs to tour ins and outs, record deals to networking, this informative book goes beyond the city limits of Nashville and can apply to aspiring music professionals everywhere.”

Devin Cordeiro

~ Artist, Vocalist