The Nashville Musician's Survival Guide
The Nashville Musician's Survival Guide

Book and CD - The Nashville Musicians Survival Guide and Songs Without Words

This book is a career guide, resource hub, and a music industry portal for both beginners and professionals who desire careers in the Nashville music industry and beyond. This fly on the wall perspective is geared towards helping musicians, singers, songwriters, engineers, and others find their way in the world's second largest music production city. The music biz of Nashville is like a jigsaw puzzle, and this book will show you how the puzzle pieces fit together and where you might fit in.

Among the topics covered:
  • The structure of the Nashville music industry
  • Recording, touring & nightclub musicians
  • Basic job descriptions, requirements and pay scales
  • The networking required to land those job
  • Gigging in Nashville
  • ‘The Nashville 100’ - song list
  • What it's like to live and work on a tour
  • What kind of gear Nashville pros use
  • Tour managing
  • Institutions; the Opry, the A-team, good ol’ boy network
  • Other music related support industries
  • Relocating to and getting around in middle Tennessee
  • Building the relationships needed to succeed
Also includes several extensive interviews with industry veterans:
  • EJ Bernas – UMG Sr. Director Southwest Region
  • Colt Ford - self-made indie artist
  • Rhett Akins - Country music artist and hit songwriter
  • Bob Bullock - Grammy-winning recording engineer
  • Mike Chapman - A list session bassist
  • As well as interviews with touring musicians, bus drivers, and more!
Songs Without Words ©2003 Eric Normand

  1. Kelly's Boogie
  2. Roots
  3. No Eye Deer
  4. Space Trial
  5. Eastern Sun
  6. Wandering Light
  7. Floating On A Sea of Change
  8. Sky Colors
  9. Mary and Tom
  10. Tidewaters
  11. Low Tide






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